January 30, 2010


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Once again, I have found my brain completley void of anything to post about. I have nothing. Nada. Zero. Gosh, blogging can be so frusturating! And I WOULD have posted a recipe, but I am using the library computer and don’t have the recipe I want handy.

Feeling anything but,



January 24, 2010

Posting Posts

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I have nothing to blog about. That is why I haven’t updated. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you (I even have a sticky note on my computer to remind me), but I have searched and searched my brain for a brilliant post and cameĀ up with….NOTHING. Absolutely nothing.

To post again when I have a brilliant idea,

Au Revoir!

January 20, 2010


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I know that this is kind of random, but I just realized how many times in the past ten minutes I have changed my theme. I think it must have been between 5 and 7 times! But finally I have this amazing (at least to me) theme that totally fits the “tenor” of my blog.

Okay- I am going to stop talking now. Bye!