September 10, 2010


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So, I really have nothing to post about. I’ve been searching my brain for some sort of inspirational post, but I have nothing.


On Tuesday was my first day of school. But not just any school. My first day of high school. I had been on emotional edge all week, and I was feeling sick as my mom pulled into the parking lot. You’ll be fine, I told myself. As I walk in the door, I see two people from my elementary school, one of which was in my homeroom. I go over to them, we have about 7 words of conversation, and then they just walk away. Don’t even bother to see if I wanna walk to class with them. And you know why it hurt so much? Because only 2 months ago, we were graduating together, giving tearful goodbyes, and promising never to forget each other. And now, I don’t exist. Believe me, it hurts. So there I am, walking down the hallway on my first day of high school all by myself, getting more scared and feeling worse by the minute. And that’s when I see them. Two of my closest friends, and I’m so relieved that I burst into tears. Many people probably thought- and still do, I’m sure me and my breakdown are a hot topic right now- she’s being a baby. So she had to walk to class alone. Big deal. But for me, it was a big deal. I’ve never been good with change, and that fact that I was doing that alone scared the hell out of me. I pulled myself together and went to class. The rest of the day went just the way it always does- fabulous. I found all my classes okay, my teachers are great (my geography teacher is just so frickin’ HILARIOUS 🙂 ), and though my locker was bolted, then relocated, and then I got lost trying to find it, I enjoyed myself. I survived. I had the small emotional breakdown that I knew was coming, but I made it through. And really, the main reason is because of my friends. You know who you are, and I know you’re reading this. So thanks a million. It’s because of you that I didn’t die on one of the most important days of my teenage years.

So how did everybody else’s first day of school go?