July 3, 2010

A New Beginning

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*sobs* It’s over.

No, a family member didn’t die, my blueberry muffins turned out fine (thanks for asking), I didn’t break up with anybody (or get broken up with), and I am relatively healthy.

Then why so sad?

Two weeks ago, on June 22, 2010, I became an official graduate of Holy Trinity.

Which means that the following Tuesday, June 29th, was my last day ever. EVER.

“This is not the end- it is merely the beginning.”

Those are the words that everybody in my class has heard over and over again- from teachers, principals, parents, and family members. And deep down inside I know it’s true. But I just can’t get over that horrible feeling- this is the last time I’ll walk through these doors. Last time I’ll walk down this hallway. Last time I’ll open my locker, last time slamming it shut. I know it seems silly to be upset- I mean, who do you know that is dreading high school?- but I now understand the saying “You don’t know what you hvae until it’s gone.” I never realized how important Holy Trinity was to me until the realization hit home that I was never going back.

And yet, underneath the emptiness is excitement. I’ll get to belong to a brand new school community, make new friends (and enemies), and try amazing new things. And I know that when it comes time, it’ll be Holy Trinity that I’ll be cheering for in my heart. That school has made such a big impact on me in the years that I’ve been there, and publicly I would like to thank every soul in that school. You have made my elementary years great- the best of my life so far- and I hope you can carry the knowledge with you that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And now some words of advce:

Hang on to your past: it’s precious. But don’t let it dictate who you are. Embrace the future: it will help you become the person you were meant to be. And always carry a little piece of each in your heart: it is the lessons and experiences of both that will tell you who you are.

It may not make a whole lot of sense now, but trust me: when the time has come, you’ll understand.