January 24, 2010

My brilliant idea.

Posted in Cooking/Baking at 1:28 AM by Margaret

Yes, folks, it finally came to me- the brilliant idea I was waiting for. Okay, so maybe it’s not that fantastic, but at least I have something to post, right?

My idea was inspired by my theme (which right now is this bananna smoothie theme) and from my friend, Iryna. See my blogroll for her blog Address (it’s “What I Didn’t Know”). Anyways, I was talking on the phone with her and then she asked me about cupcakes, and whether they were supposed to be runny. Well, I think we all (now) know that the answer to that is no, cupcakes are NOT supposed to be watery. So, anyways, on to my idea. Much like my language challenge, I am going to try to post recipes that I have tried, whether it be cooking or baking or whatever, and then share a story about a time that I made it. What do you think?

I g2g. TTYL!

(Hey, I figured IM shortcuts were a language unto it’s own 🙂 )



  1. Iryna said,

    Cool! This is like a food blog, now isn’t it? I love the idea!

    Which reminds me, I was going to tell you about this blog sooner or later anyways, but we all know how fantastic my memory is. Anyways, I stumbled upon this blog back in December and I really enjoy it so far:


    Also, for your information, the cupcakes turned out (somewhat) fine! I brought some over to the neighbours and they said it only tasted a *little* weird!

    Nice post!

  2. Iryna said,

    (Also, thanks for featuring my blog on your blog! I promise to mention you on mine soon, too! :))

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