January 20, 2010

And now, a word about…

Posted in Writing tagged at 12:05 AM by Margaret

… my website address. You see, this blog was inspired by my desire to share a poem that I really like. It is by somebody who goes by the pen name of “Jane-Elise Stone” and is called “Choice”. I will later reveal to you who the real author is, but you have to promise to be open minded about it, ‘kay?

Anyways, Jane is thinking about submitting this poem to Stone Soup, but isn’t sure yet. She wanted to get some other people’s opinions on it. Here it is:


By Jane-Elise Stone

 A new moon.

 A new beginning.

 A chance to start fresh, to right my wrongs.

 A chance to learn how to love again, how to live again, how to laugh again.

 A second chance at my whole life.

This was being offered to me, and I was refusing it.

I wanted my starry night back, where everything was clear.

I wanted the full moon to come back and shine brightly on everything I did.

I didn’t want this dark place, where nothing was as it seemed.

I wanted to believe the obvious, to laugh at those who feared the supernatural.

But instead, I was given this terrifying choice; to start fresh, or to die.

I wanted to refuse.

I wanted to say, “Here’s your crappy life back. Now give me mine.”

But I couldn’t.

I was paralyzed by this decision, the decision that would end my life either way.

To live in a world where everything was shrouded in black.

Where I couldn’t trust anyone.

Where I could barely believe myself.

This thought was terrifying to me.

But the thought of death, of leaving my world and never returning, was even scarier.

And so, right now, I was living in the in-between, not dying, not fully alive.

Where I would stay until I made my life-altering decision.

And I cannot help but think…

What would you choose?



  1. Iryna said,

    Personally, I really like this poem . . . it’s one of thoese pieces of literature that really make you think about what you truly value in life.

    My only question is, what are you doing up at 12:00 AM in the morning?!

    • Margaret said,

      Haha. My computer is messed up. I didn’t actually post that at 12:00 AM.

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